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Friday, 20 July 2012

UFree Network succeeds in internationalising Palestinian prisoners' plight

UFree Network | Media Centre – Oslo 

UFree Network welcomed the European Union recent policy, especially after the success in making Palestinian prisoners' plight international and putting it on the agenda of European politicians.

Upon a decision made by the EU, UFree said that EU policy mentions the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, especially the last prisoners’ hunger strike launched and the agreement signed by both Israeli Prison Service (IPS) and the prisoners to end that strike and to make detainees conditions much better. The decision also stressed on the importance of holding fair trials for Palestinian prisoners and detainees.

Mohammed Hamdan, UFree chairman, considered that such decision is the outcome of a systemized relentless effort done by the Network alongside with activists and rights’ groups. In addition, Hamdan sees that the decision is a strategic change in EU policies concerning Palestinian prisoners.

EU called upon the Israeli occupation to fulfill all obligations of the signed agreement including ending hunger strike, ending administrative detention and releasing 20 members of the Palestinian parliament arrested in jails.

On the other hand, he called EU upon implementing the recommendations as soon as possible pointing that Palestinian prisoners undergo tough circumstances due to the unjustified practices of Israeli occupation.

On its part, UFree recently launched several political and media campaigns to spotlight the case of Palestinian prisoners including Akram Rikhawi’s letter campaign. Moreover, until the release of all prisoners, UFree promised to exert more efforts to introduce this case in all international arenas.

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