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Friday, 6 July 2012

Euromid Observer - Documenting Human Rights Violations

  • Document violations.
  • Raise public awareness.
  • Mobilize activist associations, NGOs and European/international institutions.
  • Leverage international law in the appropriate forums, including the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice, to investigate and hold perpetrators of the violations to account for their actions.
  • Urge authorities to adopt legislation and regulations to prevent further harm.
  • Build a culture of human rights by publicizing violations and the use of peaceful, legal channels to attempt bring the parties to well as the parties that attempt to block our work.

We shine the spotlight of public attention on:
  • Torture and arbitrary arrest.
  • The death penalty.
  • Enforced “disappearances.”
  • Refugee rights.
  • Rights and treatment of prisoners of conscience, including journalists.
  • Harassment of activists, advocates and human rights defenders.
  • Protection of political, cultural and social pluralism.

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