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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bil'in village


The banality of a Palestinian's arrest

21/11/2011 — 
[Ha’aretz] The usual charges: ‘Throwing an object, including a stone, with the intention of harming a person or property,’ and organizing an illegal demonstration in which he participated.

Popular Committees to Launch a Documenting and Intervention Campaign Against Settler Attacks

17/09/2011 — 
[Popular Struggle] The popular committees will inaugurate the Refusing to Die in Silence project to allow for quick intervention in cases of settler attacks on Palestinians.
In light of the recent augmentation in settler attacks on Palestinian body and property, the popular committees will initiate a volunteer-based campaign, in which several cars will patrol the West Bank to quickly respond to cases of settler attacks.

Open call to our friends around the world: Support Palestine to be Independent!

14/09/2011 — 
The time has come for Palestine to join the international community as a sovereign nation. Since our expulsion from our homeland, in 1948, and the occupation of West Bank and Gaza in 1967, our national goals have been deeply connected to our internationally recognized inalienable rights, such as our right of self-determination and the right of all our refugees to return to our homes.

Help Release Ni'ilin's Ibrahim Srour from Israeli Prison

11/09/2011 — 
[Popular Struggle] Ibrahim Srour, a resident of Nil’in, has been imprisoned by Israel for nearly two years for participating in local protests. He will be released from prison on October 2nd, if the immense 12,000 NIS (3,250 USD) fine placed by a military court judge is raised in time.

No place for arms as we prepare a Palestinian state

09/09/2011 — 
[Daily Star] We who live in the West Bank village of Bilin represent just one part of a coordinated plan for what happens later this month, when Palestinians will seek statehood at the United Nations.
I have been named coordinator of activities for what has been named the Palestinian Campaign for the 140th State, meaning the 140th member-state of the United Nations. This means I will be coordinating between all the governorates and the various committees that have been established to rally around this cause. There is also a committee that is seeking to raise the funds that are needed for the media effort in support of this project, and a committee that coordinates between the governorates and is in contact with the Central Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Hundreds March in Bil'in to Demand Statehood

09/09/2011 — 
[Popular Struggle] Hundreds marched to demand the admission of Palestine as the 194th state to the United Nations and were attacked with tear-gas.


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