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Friday, 22 February 2013

break dancers - peace dancers ... in Gaza

Made in Gaza , Camps Breakerz Crew 2013 ( Official video )

CAMPS BREAKERZ crew on you tube:

"We have one goal, one dream. To bring freedom to Palestine and happiness to our people through break dancing. The shows are dramatic art that tell stories and allow us to express our feelings about the situation here in Gaza, about the war and the rights of the Palestinian people.

Our goals :

* To spread out break dance on Gaza .

* To show the whole world that we have this art despite the hard conditions.

* To express the Palestinian case and to have their voice .

* To develop their talents in sport and break dance art.

* Present a good image of Palestine .

* Represent Palestine in the international community.

* Construct a building for training break dance.

* To be role models to the children of Palestine."


Many thanks



Shaark Cb Crew in Düsseldorf on 1st of May

need support 
who can help us?

Sunshine4Palestine - Jenin hospital

Imagine a land kissed by the sun 360 days per year, caressed by sea and blessed by 4000 years of history. Now turn and look around at the rubbles, at the poverty and the desperate need for health care. This is the landscape that surrounds Jenin hospital in Gaza. A modern facility that could save hundreds of thousands of  lives, if only it had the minimum amount of electricity to run the equipment.

This project aims at providing such energy by building a  Photovoltaic plant  on the roof of the Jenin Hospital. A plant that will convert the Sun into human life.