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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Istanbouli Theatre - Lebanon International Short Films Festival

 Istanbouli Theatre
​ Lebanon International Short Films Festival is a festival found by young artists from Tyre and Nabatieh/ South Lebanon. The two first editions of the Festival were  held at Al-Hamra Cinema of Tyre, a cinema   renovated in June 2014 by Istanbouli Theatre team after 30 years of oblivion.  This 2016 edition of the Festival will be held at Stars Cinema of Nabatiyeh, after its renovation and reopening last 20th August 2016.

So the 2016 Lebanon International Short Films Festival will be taking place from 3 to 7 of December 2016 at the Stars Cinema of Nabatiyeh.

The Festival is now open to receiving short films  in all their genres (Documentaries, Fictions, Animations) up to 30th October 2016.

Awards & Prizes :

Best Short Film
Best Lebanese Short
Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Jury Special Mentions

Rules & Terms:

1. Films should be submitted via DVD copy or preferably a Private Vemio Secured Link
2. Films Uploaded on YouTube and opened for public are not accepted
3. Films should be achieved after 1/1/2014
4. Films should be subtitled with English Subtitles
5. Acceptance of using shots from the films for promotional use only
6. Duration of the films should be between 5 minutes and 30 minutes (Including Credits)
7. Terms (Inclusion):
• The entry form. • A photo of the director and a brief presentation of his earlier work. • A photo of the shooting. • Stills From The Film. • Poster in High Resolution • Any other promotional material in digital format (brochure, press-kit, poster).
8. The Deadline for submission is 30th of October 2016.
9. You can contact the festival for further details on: – 0096170903846

Cinema Al Hamra In Tyre

Students And Team

Cinema Stars in Nabatieh

Istanbouli Theatre


Monday, 25 July 2016

women in black

remembering these lovely peacefull women


Women in Black vigils originated in Jerusalem, Israel in January, 1988, in response to the beginning of the first Palestinian Intifada. The message “Stop the Occupation” appeared on the image of a hand signaling “stop”. At the peak of the anti-occupation movement we had 30 vigils throughout the country. Today we have four regular vigils that have been demonstrating since 1988. with signs saying “STOP THE OCCUPATION.”. The vigils take place every Friday from 1-2 p.m. in the following places:
Gan Shmuel – at the entrance to the Kibbutz on the Hadera-Afula Highway
Haifa – at the corner of Ben Gurion and Hagefen Streets
Jerusalem – Hagar Square (France Square on the maps) at the intersection of five streets – King George, Ramban, Ben Maimon, Keren Hayesod and Agron.
Tel Aviv – King George and Ben Zion Blvd.The Jerusalem vigil is held every Friday from 1 to 2 pm at Hagar Square (listed on maps as Paris Square). This is the intersection of five roads: Agron, King George, Rambam, Aza, and Agron. This square is also the location of the Prima Kings Hotel and Terra Sancta.
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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Return Conference - Zochrot

The International Conference on the Return of Palestinian Refugees
The conference seeks to examine different ways of promoting return today as well as imagine the post-return reality. Its point of departure is recognition of the right of return and its objective is to explore how return will occur in practice, and how it can offer an opportunity for living together in a truly democratic, egalitarian and just regime for all inhabitants of this country. Accordingly, the issues discussed in the conference will focus on the post-return political, cultural, educational, economic and planning realities, as well as on current spaces and activities to promote return in practice.



We envision a future beyond the colonialist and racist regime, in which everyone living here will be equal. Ground zero of the existing regime is the 1948 Nakba, the inevitable result of the effort to create a Jewish State in the Middle East.  Overcoming Zionism requires Israel to acknowledge the expulsion and destruction of Palestinians and their lives, and to redress that by granting refugees the right to return.  The principal victims of this regime are, of course, the Palestinians, but Israeli Jews have also paid the price of conquest since 1948 by living in constant fear, with no hope of peace.  In other words, we believe an essential key to our future here is deeply rooted in our past.


Monday, 16 May 2016

chips - film by Jeehad Sharkawi in Gaza, 2015

Chips - Short Film - 2015 - Jeehad Sharkawi Gaza

During the aggression on GAZA , July -2014 , 6 years old child staying close to his tense mother !
Due to sudden shelling ,the family had to leave home quickly !
.. End of the war , family returned back to the destroyed house
, But the mother has no more than caddy of food to give here unhappy son , but he prefers to exchange it with "Chips" from the grocery !
The unlucky Child faces serious difficulties , so he could not enjoy his bag of Chips , finally he lost it ! , The child returned back home at night , picked up two more cans of food, he decided repeat the whole story !!
in the darkness .. , runs again to the grocery .,but the little Child was targeted by drone attack !

فكرة موجزة ن الفيلم :
أثناء العدوان علي غزة - يوليو 2014 , يلتصق طفل حزين - 6 سنوات - بأمه المتوترة
و فجأة , يتم استهداف المنزل , فتضطر الأسرة للهرب علي عجل
مع انتهاء العدوان ، لم تجد الأسرة بدا" عن الاقامة بمنزلها المدمر
و لا تملك الأم الفقيرة سوي أن تقدم علبة من الطعام لطفلها البائس
فيفضل الطفل الحزين استبدالها ب " Chips " من البقال
يمر الطفل بمواقف صعبة داخل المنزل و خاجه تحول دون تناوله لكيس الشبس !
.. , يعود أدراجه للمنزل المدمر و قد حل الظلام
يقرر الطفل التقاط علبتين اُخريين من أجل الحصول علي شيبس آخر
... لكنه كان هدفا لهجوم ليلي بطائرة بدون طيار !

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An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel