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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Osama Alayaseh - Sheikh Zayed literature reward for Fools of Bethlehem

Novelist Osama Alayaseh winning Sheikh Zayed literature reward for 2015 
as first place in the Arab literature for his novel Fools of Bethlehem.

صورة جديدة لفلسطين والفلسطينيين/عبد الله مكسور العرب اللندنية:الفائز بجائزة الشيخ زايد للكتاب يقتحم مناطق بكرا في الرو...
Posted by Osama Alaysa on Friday, 24 April 2015

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Under The Same Sun - Trailer

Battle For The Holy Land - Jerusalem (Full Documentary)

فيلم تاريخي وثائقي فلسطيني انتاج - 2012 JERICHO

فيلم تاريخي وثائقي فلسطيني انتاج- 2012

Jerich1 أريحا 1 - فيلم تاريخي قصير Jeehad Sharkawi
أريحا 1 JERICHO فيلم تاريخي وثائقي فلسطيني انتاج- 2012 Palestinian Historical Documentary- Short Film Written and Directed by Jeehad Sharkawi تعليق عصام اللولو مونتاج مدحت حجاج ، المادة التاريخية و الاخراج جهاد الشرقاوي "Jericho 1 "Historical - Documentary Short FilmBy : Jehad S.Sharkawi , Art DirectorJericho , Here is the most Ancient city in Palestine ,and the WorldFor more than Twelve thousand year ago, man begins first step in construction on earth .That time, first human society started to organize it self forEstablishing first organized Community , in the world , mainly in Jericho, for the first most developed human civilization at all.Ancient times, while, man was Wandering the wilds, the flourishing civilization of Jericho new the stone buildings, as it new also Castles and forts !Jericho knew growing wheat and making bread, for more than 9000 year, While ancient man lived hunting what he could feed on.Not far away from this place, Phoenicians presented the first initial alphabets in history as the Palestinians Canaanites descendants of the Phoenicians presented numbers calculations for the first time!Palestine which provided the first humanity with the first and greatest civil civilizations in the world, was the most suitable for the reception and the dissemination of the divine messages pro-peace and man’s love to each other. … But Palestine which spread the messages of peace never knew the taste of peace since the killing of David to Goliath, and since then this land new ages full of blood, grief and tears.As for Jericho, which gave civilization to the universe and civil in all forms such as wheat cultivation, baking, and the construction of buildings and stone castles, was burnt and destroyed by Joshua Bin-Nun and his soldiers after Moses exit , and before his death , and not reaching Palestine ...Near the fields of wheat, which have seen the maturity of the first wheat grains cultivated by man, and on the northern banks of the Dead Sea, flows the Jordan River which used to be known as the fastest among the rivers of the world where in its flow was the baptism of Jesus.But it is considered as 9000 year of wheat production and the preparation of the first loaf of bread for the humanity by the Palestinians. It is also considered as 3000 year after the killing of Goliath by David ... , and after 2000 year of Jesus baptism, the very same fertile land is being taken from its PalestinianThis fertile land is still extracted from the Palestinian owners "breeds of Goliath" toturn the followers of David, such as colonies for themas colonies of them, Wile the holy Jordan River becomes a gaping and dirtyHoly Jordan River, which , which it described as the fastest rivers in the earth ! ..Clean water not flowing around the wheat fields of Jericho, where Jesus was been baptized ...... Conflict continues unabated in the land of the messages .
Posted by Jeehad Sharkawi on Monday, 30 December 2013