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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Situation humanitaire à Gaza

new testimonies from soldiers - Breaking the Silence

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Israel and Palestine - a very short introduction

Israel kills top Gaza militant, five others in air strike


for video go to link please - must see

Israel kills top Gaza militant, five others in air strike

Tuesday, Jul 08, 2014 - 00:58
Militant Hafez Hamad, two brothers and his parents were killed when his house was bombed in an air strike in the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas media and Gaza interior ministry said. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).
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ROUGH CUT (NO REPORTER NARRATION) EDITOR'S PLEASE NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT Israel killed a top local leader of the Islamic Jihad militant group in the northern Gaza Strip early on Wednesday (July 9), neighbors and hospital officials said, and five others including family members were also killed. An Israeli military spokeswoman said she had no initial details on the strike. The militant, Hafez Hamad, two brothers and his parents were killed when his house was bombed in an air strike in the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas media and Gaza interior ministry said. An unidentified woman in the house was also killed. That brought the death toll in Gaza to at least 22 since Israel launched its offensive on Tuesday. It included four Hamas gunmen, a senior Islamic Jihad leader and 17 civilians, including seven children. Militants in Gaza fired more rockets at Tel Aviv on Wednesday, targeting Israel's heartland after Israeli attacks in the enclave that Palestinian officials said have killed at least 27 people. No casualties were reported in the rocket barrages, on the second day of an intensified Israeli offensive in the Hamas-dominated Gaza Strip. Missiles from Israel's Iron Dome defence system shot into the sky to intercept the projectiles. The rocket salvoes have sent people racing for bomb shelters, but businesses remained open in Israel, traffic flowed and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange seemed to be unfazed, with shares opening higher.

AL Shifaa Hospital in Gaza: Not a Place for Dying

The Palestine telegraph

running saving kid

AL Shifaa Hospital in Gaza: Not a Place for Dying

BY  ON  ·

Al Shifaa Hospital is one of the largest health centers in Gaza. It works round the clock to face an escalating situation on the ground, as a result of the Israeli attacks. It is faced by logistical and financial challenges; coupled with a relentless effort by medical teams, the police, and the community and hospital workers to provide medical services under dire circumstances.
As the death toll rises and the number of civilian casualties continue to increase, medical teams continue to provide the best care they can for their patients. Dr. Ashraf al Qidrah, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, explains: “despite their low salaries and their concern for their own lives; medical teams continue to provide services to all people of Gaza.
The tragic situation in the strip overshadows the doctors themselves. According to Dr. Qidrah: “ Dr. Majdi Naeim who was handling emergencies back in November 2012, when Israel was attacking Gaza; found himself handling the body of his own dead child Abed al Rahman”.
Israeli attacks eradicate families by the dozens and cause hundreds of severe causalities. Al Qidrah explains:” Medical staff has to deal with molten or mutilated bodies and second and third degree burns. All this affects their psychological wellbeing and increase their ability to handle stress”.
He adds: “the health sector is in serious need for medicine and consumables; especially those that are for emergencies and intensive care. 30% of the basic medicine is not available and 55% of the medical consumables are non-existent. Moreover, the lack of fuel for electricity generation results in our disability to respond to emergencies. Many times, we face the situation of being unable to dispatch an ambulance. Add to this that the hospital can become a target at any minute”.
At the moment, there are no solutions to the lack of medicine, fuel and medical consumables. According to Dr. al Qidrah: “there is no real support, we hear many promises in the media. But in reality nothing materializes. Nevertheless, we are determined to fulfill our duty until the last breath. This is national and ethical obligation. Yet, we demand that the government be accountable to all Palestinians without discrimination. Salaries should be paid to doctors, nurses and technicians.”
He concludes by asking: “if the National Reconciliation government will not play that role in this crisis; then who will?”
In the meantime, the policemen reside in a small room at al Shifaa to guard the building and help civilians.
Ayman al Batniji; the police spokesperson; explained: “we provide assistance to civilians. We have had a considerable experience during the past Israeli attacks both in the streets and within organizations. Currently we provide our services to 121 economic, financial, political and diplomatic organization in Gaza.”
He added that police officers facilitate the entrance of cases to the hospital and prevent “suspicious individuals” from using the facility. “Some individuals come to identify the dead or the injured and they are not next of kin. So we prohibit them from doing that.”
“We cannot leave the hospital or else it will be overcrowded out of panic. Our duty is to organize the use of the service in such a way so as to address emergencies.”
Security forces and police have not received their salaries from the government. According to Batinaji: We should be serving the people and we will not neglect our duties due to financial reasons.”
Scouts volunteer at al Shifaa too. Bilat al Halimi, a lead scout describes their work: “we transport those who are injured in civilian cars to the emergency room, by carrying individual in a proper way and providing first aid”.
The hospital cleaning staff shares the sense of duty with everybody else. Nabil abu Aqlain, the cleaning supervisor stresses the importance of his staff work and their ability to maintain the cleanliness of the hospital, in addition to carrying out all errands requested by the medical staff. He points out that he hasn’t got his salary for the past four months.
This is a glimpse of the situation at al Shifaa Hospital. One of many health facilities that face the harsh conditions in Gaza.
by  Nabil Sunonu
Translated by Lamia Raei
Via Falsteen Newspaper

Israel bombs the house of a renowned Professor of Linguistics in Gaza

The Palestine telegraph

Israel bombs the house of a renowned Professor of Linguistics in Gaza

Professor of Linguistics khader khader

BY  ON  ·

Israeli army continued to pound Gaza Strip sparing nothing. After attacking mosques, hospitals, handicapped care house and medical doctors; the turn seems to be for intellectuals and those working in the educational sector.
Dr. Khader Khader, a renowned professor of Linguistics and Modern Stylistics at the Dep. Of English of the Islamic University in Gaza survived along with his family members an imminent death, as Israeli f16s targeted number of houses in his quarter. He managed to leave his houses  90 seconds before Israel launched its deadly strikes.
No one was reportedly killed, but 5 people were wounded.
Dr. Khader is non- affiliated peace activist who has spent most of his life teaching his students about the need of all peoples of the world to communicate and live in harmony and peace with each other? Dr. Khader, as any professor in Gaza, has invested his all his earning in building for himself and his family a very nice house in the Al Nasser Neighborhood.
During the ongoing war on Gaza, the war which the Israelis named the Protective Edge, the new fancy house of Dr. Khader was targeted and destroyed for no reason except he welcome the famous international Peace activist , Noam Chomsky, who came in 2012 to Gaza in order to support the oppressed.
Dr. Kahader was the presenter of the International conference of language and Linguistics. During his presentation, he hailed Prof. Chomsky for his support to the Palestinians, but then, he did not know that he would lose his house as a price of his warm welcome to Chomsky and peace activists who came with him.
Visit the profile of Dr. Khader:

Fifty-two killed as Israel bombs charity, mosques, homes ..

Al akhbar

Fifty-two killed as Israel bombs charity, mosques, homes 
in Gaza's bloodiest day

Palestinian children look at the rubble of a destroyed mosque following an Israeli military strike in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, on July 12, 2014. (Photo: AFP - Thomas Coex)

Updated 1:30 am: Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip killed 52 people Saturday, including two severely handicapped women in a care facility, medics said.
The toll made Saturday the bloodiest day yet in the five-day conflict, and hiked the overall toll to 157.
The deadliest strike came in the Tuffah district in eastern Gaza City, where 18 members of the Batsh family were massacred when Israeli jets struck a home and a mosque, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.
The target of that attack is believed to have been Hamas police chief Tayseer al-Batsh, who survived the attack, but was reportedly in critical condition.
Among the 18 members of his family killed in the strike were four children identified as Mohammed Issam al-Batsh, 17, Manar Majed Batsh, 13, Qusay Issam al-Batsh, 12, and Anas Alaa al-Batsh, 10.
Fifty others were injured in that attack.
Elsewhere, three people were killed in Rafah in southern Gaza, and one person in Jabalia, in the north of the coastal enclave.
The evening strikes came after defiant fighters in Gaza responded to the relentless Israeli assault by firing rockets towards Israeli occupied territories, including long range armaments that hit Tel Aviv.
Earlier, eight people were killed in raids on Gaza City, central al-Bureij and northern Jabalia.
They included a woman aged 25, and a 16-year-old, Qudra said.
And six men, including two nephews of former Hamas premier Ismail Haniya, were killed in an afternoon strike on the Sheikh Radwan district of western Gaza City.
Aged from 21 to 58, they were sitting outside their homes in the area when the strike hit, eyewitnesses said.
Their deaths followed an early morning strike that killed two women at a charitable association housing the disabled in Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza.
The women, Suha Abu Saada and Ola Washahi, both had severe mental and physical handicaps, association director Jamila Alaywa said.
Four others were wounded in the attack -- three residents and a helper, she said.
Another three people were killed in eastern Gaza City and three in an attack on the western side of town in early Saturday attacks.
Earlier, Qudra announced the deaths of eight other Palestinians in raids that hit targets including a bank, two mosques and the houses of Hamas officials.
On Friday, the United Nations said 77 percent of those killed in the Israeli raids were civilians.
No Israelis have been killed.
(AFP, Al-Akhbar)

Saturday, 12 July 2014

tears of Gaza - انشروه قبل أن يحذفوه

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Live from Gaza - Israel commit massacres in Gaza - Day 2

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Video via RT news:

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

statistics by Dr. Norman Finkelstein

Gaza, Palestine, 8th July 2014

Gaza, Palestinian Territory. 8th July 2014 -- Residents and home owner gather at the site of an airstrike in the east of Khan Younis, Gaza Strip. Medical sources say at least 20 injured have been accounted for. -- Missiles fired from an Israeli F-16 destroy a house in Gaza's Zeitoun neighbourhood Azaabot. Reports say the a smaller missile was followed by a larger missile which brought the property to the ground. There are no reports of injured.
photo by Ezz Al Zanoon
 — in Gaza, Palestine.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Zaid Ayasa - visual artist, painter, fotographer and musician

zaid ayasa arts

palestine . فلسطين

more fotos en Adobe - behance

also good musician :-)

Zaidon Darbuka.. وصلة طبلة زيدون

you can hear it better on sond cloud :

Jüdische Stimme über die Geiselnahme der israelischen Jugendlichen

Stellungnahme zur Berichterstattung über die Geiselnahme der israelischen Jugendlichen

Wir, Mitglieder der Jüdischen Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost – in Deutschland lebende Juden oder Personen jüdischer Abstammung – bedauern zutiefst, dass die deutsche Presse bei ihren Berichten über die Geiselnahme von drei jungen Israelis am 12. Juni nahe Hebron den Kontext weitgehend außer Acht lässt.
Seit vielen Jahren werden palästinensische Jugendliche von israelischen Soldaten festgenommen und in israelische Gefängnisse verschleppt. Häufig geschieht dies mitten in der Nacht, ohne Haftbefehl und ohne konkreten Haftgrund.
Im Durchschnitt wird alle drei Tage ein palästinensisches Kind inhaftiert oder ermordet.
Seit 2000 sind 1518 palästinensische Kinder von israelischen Sicherheitskräften oder fanatischen Siedlern getötet worden.
Zurzeit befinden sich annähernd 200 palästinensische Jugendliche unter 18 Jahren, darunter fast 30 unter 16 Jahren, in israelischen Gefängnissen – ohne ordentliche Anklage und mit nur unzureichendem Besuchsrecht für Angehörige und Anwälte.
Rund 190 palästinensische Häftlinge werden zurzeit ohne jede Anklage in israelischer Haft festgehalten.
Eine Geiselnahme, besonders wenn die Betroffenen Kinder oder Jugendliche sind, ist in keinem Fall zu rechtfertigen. Darum geht es uns auch nicht. Doch wenn über die Geiselnahme der drei israelischen Jugendlichen berichtet wird, ohne mit einem Wort auf den Kontext der seit Jahrzehnten andauernden israelischen Besatzung mit all ihren Formen der Unterdrückung und Verletzung von Menschenrechten und des Internationalen Rechts einzugehen, handelt es sich in unseren Augen um eine böswillig verzerrende Darstellung. Und wir sind der festen Überzeugung, dass, wer die Geiselnahme zu Recht verurteilt, auch die Geiselhaft einer ganzen Bevölkerung, die der Palästinenserinnen und Palästinenser, im selben Atemzug mit verurteilen muss.
Jegliche politische Instrumentalisierung der Geiselnahme durch die israelische Politik lehnen wir schon allein wegen des Zynismus eines solchen Vorgehens, auch gegenüber den jugendlichen Opfern und ihren Angehörigen, ab. Wir können uns des Eindrucks nicht erwehren, dass ohne irgendwelche Hinweise oder Geständnisse, die Hamas oder andere für die Tat verantwortlich gemacht werden, um die gesamte palästinensische Bevölkerung, selbst die von Gaza, kollektiv zu bestrafen, erneut in hunderte Häuser einzubrechen, Menschen zu verhaften oder zu ermorden. Das politische Ziel dieser Kampagne, die wenig mit der Suche und Befreiung der Geiseln zu tun zu haben scheint, dürfte eher darin liegen, die erst kürzlich erreichte Einigung innerhalb der palästinensischen politischen Lager zu unterminieren. Wir verurteilen dieses Vorgehen der israelischen Regierung entschieden und erwarten von den deutschen Medien, dass sie bei ihrer Berichterstattung den gesamten Kontext kritisch mit berücksichtigen.