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Monday, 9 April 2012

The Palestinian Non-Govermental Organizations Network

About PNGO Network

Welcome to the website of PNGO, the Palestinian NGOs’ Network.

   PNGO is a civil and democratic body, which seeks to support, consolidate and strengthen the Palestinian civil society on the basis of the principles of democracy, social justice and sustainable development. It is a Palestinian NGO umbrella organization comprising 132 member organizations working in different developmental fields. 

What is PNGO?

In the section “About PNGO Network”, you will find the definition of PNGO, our mission and goals, our fields of activity, the list of our members, and all about PNGO.

What does PNGO do?

You will find all information about our ongoing and past activities and campaigns in “The Network’s voice” section.
Who are our members, and what do they do?
“The members’ voice” section will provide you with all details about the 132 members of PNGO Network, and about their news and coming events.

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