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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Israel bombs the house of a renowned Professor of Linguistics in Gaza

The Palestine telegraph

Israel bombs the house of a renowned Professor of Linguistics in Gaza

Professor of Linguistics khader khader

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Israeli army continued to pound Gaza Strip sparing nothing. After attacking mosques, hospitals, handicapped care house and medical doctors; the turn seems to be for intellectuals and those working in the educational sector.
Dr. Khader Khader, a renowned professor of Linguistics and Modern Stylistics at the Dep. Of English of the Islamic University in Gaza survived along with his family members an imminent death, as Israeli f16s targeted number of houses in his quarter. He managed to leave his houses  90 seconds before Israel launched its deadly strikes.
No one was reportedly killed, but 5 people were wounded.
Dr. Khader is non- affiliated peace activist who has spent most of his life teaching his students about the need of all peoples of the world to communicate and live in harmony and peace with each other? Dr. Khader, as any professor in Gaza, has invested his all his earning in building for himself and his family a very nice house in the Al Nasser Neighborhood.
During the ongoing war on Gaza, the war which the Israelis named the Protective Edge, the new fancy house of Dr. Khader was targeted and destroyed for no reason except he welcome the famous international Peace activist , Noam Chomsky, who came in 2012 to Gaza in order to support the oppressed.
Dr. Kahader was the presenter of the International conference of language and Linguistics. During his presentation, he hailed Prof. Chomsky for his support to the Palestinians, but then, he did not know that he would lose his house as a price of his warm welcome to Chomsky and peace activists who came with him.
Visit the profile of Dr. Khader:

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