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Saturday, 30 November 2013


THE WARREN is an intense drama about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict that challenges the norm and will change your perspective.
Bas​ed on a true story, THE WARREN follows a raid to capture suspected militants by the Israeli Defense Forces during the Second Intifada into the sprawling maze of the Balata Refugee Camp in Palestine. The final confrontation serves as a reminder that humanity can be found in the unlikeliest of places.
The first leg of THE WARREN was filmed on location in Nablus, a West Bank Palestinian city in September 2013.  Nablus is one of the oldest cities in the world, first established 9000 years ago. It was originally called "Shechem" by its Canaanite inhabitants. Nablus is distinguished by its location in a narrow valley between the two mountains Gerizim and Ebal. This makes for an impressive view when you are within the city itself.
During the Second Intifada Nablus was a center of violence between the Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian militant groups. There are many damaged buildings and debris-filled fields around Nablus, the result of past conflicts. Israeli restrictions on the city are generally looser than they used to be, but Nablus continues to be a flash point of conflict between Palestinian and Israelis, as well as internal conflicts that arise between different militant factions that reside in and around the city of Nablus.
According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 522 residents of Nablus and surrounding refugee camps, including civilians, were killed and 3,104 injured during IDF military operations against militants during the Second Intifada from 28 September 2000 – 8 February 2005.  Israeli soldiers and settlers have also been killed by Palestinian militants from Nablus.*  In April 2002, following the Passover massacre — an attack by Palestinian militants that killed 30 Israeli civilians attending aseder dinner at the Park Hotel in Netanya — Israel launched Operation Defensive Shield, a major military operation in which Nablus was one of the main targets.  At least 80 Palestinians were killed in Nablus during the operation and several houses were destroyed or severely damaged.  The IDF also imposed a curfew on Nablus lasting between April 4 and April 22.  IDF forces reentered Nablus during Operation Determined Path in June 2002, remaining inside the city until the end of September.  Over those three months, there had been more than 70 days of full 24-hour curfews.**
The rich and complex history of Nablus poses unique working conditions and hazards to the filmmakers, but it allows for a deeper exploration of character and the human condition that has already led to the telling of an unforgettable story.
THE WARREN team are planning to return to Palestine this January 2014 to finish filming the interiors of THE WARREN, the very heart of the film.

THE WARREN - TEASER from James Adolphus on Vimeo.

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