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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ظلال في الظلام * فيلم قصير Shadow in The Dark - film by Jeehah Sharkawi

film story:

Jeehah Sharkawi - Gaza 
Two brothers overcome the crisis ,of power plant destruction 
At least through the point of view), will be logical alternatives on the television suspended for lack of electricity, but the two children, got an alternative source of substitute for the only Qandil at home ’ and had succeeded to generate energy To run Shadow theater .And invite friends to enjoy watching theater ,

The film is the current reality through the scenes realistic. And other dramas. Highlighting a clear picture reflects the everyday life in Shati refugee camp in Gaza ..
Scenes movie Filmed in Beach Refugees Camp in Gaza , with Children – Live event . 

ظلال في الظلام فيلم قصير - اخراج جهاد الشرقاوي 

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